USED Overwintering Moisture Quilt Box

USED Overwintering Moisture Quilt Box




    • Listing is for a 1 yr old USED Moisture Box for a 10-frame hive.  
    • Complete with four weather-proof ventilation ports allowing excess moisture to escape the hive during the cold winter months.


    • Enough clearance to add up to 4" of pine wood shavings to absorb excess condensation from the hive, keeping your bees warm and dry throughout the winter.
    • During the summer months, wood shavings can be easily removed to allow adequate ventilation throughout the hive to ensure the comfort of your bees.

    • Upper Entrance: Enables bees to take much needed cleansing flights during the winter months.


    • Room for Feeding:  The 1.5" gap between the shavings screen and bottom of quilt box allows adaquate space for adding feeding patties or candy boards.

    • NEW moisture quilt boxes available for purchase here.