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Fact #1):

A colony of bees consists of 20,000-60,000 honey bees (drones, worker bees, eggs) and one queen. Worker honey bees are female and drones are male.

Fact #2):

The queen bee can live up to 5 years and is the only bee that lays eggs. She is the busiest in the summer months, when the hive needs to be at its maximum strength, and lays up to 2500 eggs per day.

Fact #3):

The bees’ buzz is the sound made by their wings which beat 11,400 times per minute.

Fact #4):

Honey bees account for nearly 80% of crop pollination in the United States.

Fact #5):

The queen's only job is to lay eggs and a drone's job is to mate with the queen. The worker bees are responsible for everything else: gathering nectar, guarding the hive and honey, caring for the queen and larvae, keeping the hive clean, and producing honey.

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