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Overwintering Protective Hive Cover




    - Have been successfully used by Commercial Beekeepers in United States and Canada for over 15 years to greatly increase winter survival rates of their hives.    


    - Extreme Cold Tolerate Plastic Beehive covers will fit up to three 10 frame deep brood boxes and can easily be cut down in height to accommodate a 2 box hive or whatever you choose as your overwintering setup. 


    - Made from a 4 mm thick corrugated Polypropylene plastic that is to shield your hive from harsh winter winds & protect against the elements.


    - Perfect for coupling with our wintering quilt box for moisture management to keep your bees warm and dry all winter.  


    - Collapsible for easy storage, coroplast design.  


    - Reusable - protect your hive year after year.


    - Please note:  These winter covers are shipped without pre-cut holes.  This is done so that each beekeeper can cut the ventilation holes specific to their own hive setup if you choose to cut ventilation holes at all.


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